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 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

26 degrees Aquarius

Ceremony August 19, 2016 8:00 pm PDT

Rise Like a Phoenix
Post your comments below and make
a donation if your heart calls


Altar before ceremony began
Each participate was Smudged.
Upon the Altar I burned Frankincense and
Myrrh for purity and to honor the Ancestors

After Consecrating the altar I created sacred
space within the Meadow

 I Called in all the non physical support starting with Divine
Mother and Father, Holy Spirit Light, the Arch Angels, Ascended
Masters, the Angels of Healing and Light, the Violet Blue Flame of
Transformation. The High Council of Light, Durga Mata, Kali Ma,
Sekhmet, and Isis.   The Four Grandmothers of the Directions
of healing, the four Trees of Transformation, and many many
realms of Elemental’s (Faeries, Gnomes, Sprites, Slyphs etc.)
Animals, Plants, Nature, Devic, Mineral, Crystal, Rock,
and Shell Kingdoms. The 5  Elemental Dragons for healing and
transformation, the Unicorns to open the stellar gateway
and Beloved Kwan Yin.

Called in the Ancestors and our connections to Atlantis and Lemuria.

Called in Kalabyrava the lord of time to access all time
lines for release and connection to our gifts.

Offerings of Tobacco were made to the fire in honor of
the directions and beings here offering their support

Channeled Sacred Language was brought forth
for releasing all energies we brought forth
for release and healing.

Your Name on Scrolls
Approximately 650 people sent their names in
to be served in a release!
Take a look at the flames and the Fire Deva’s
ready to assist your release!


Offered bundles with your name was made to the fire


Some of the bundles took a while to burn…
Resistance was released as they turned to ash!


Channeled Sacred Language to bring in new energies

Powerful shifts felt by all on site.
We sat in meditation for about 15 minutes
listening to Devi Prayer from the 108 Sacred Names
from Mother Divine


I added Mystical Fire to the fire and
called forth the REBIRTH of the Phoenix.  Asking
for the rebirth to be embodied by each participant,
near and far, around the globe.
That includes you!


After Sundown Image of the Altar


Ceela our Magical Panther Cat, presided over
the event!  LOL


If you fell asleep or missed the timing!

Simply gaze at the images of the fire and
then burn or release your own list.

IF you missed the whole opportunity!
Write our your list
or story of what you
are wanting to release

Then gaze at the images of the fire and
burn or release your own list.

DaKara with her headdress and glitter Sun third eye!


Please post your comments below on what you felt or
experienced during this ceremony.  Over 600 people
wrote in to have their name added to the scrolls.
This was a HUGE undertaking!!!

My guides asked me to offer this ceremony of release with no cost.
If you feel in your heart to make a donation to help cover the costs,
DaKara and her team greatly appreciate it!

To make a donations simply log into Paypal
and send funds to

When my guides ask me to offer something, I take action

and move forth with an open heart to be of service!
This was an extremely powerful Ceremony!

Suggested Donation

$10.00  – $20.00

To make a $10 Donation click here

To make a $20.00 Donation click here

To receive additional support
listen to the Full Moon Meditation Link

To your Success!


99046  72983




30 Responses to Full Moon Ceremony

  • Karynz says:

    Thank you so much!

  • Edward Parham says:

    I felt so honored and really express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for this Ceremony that Dakara had prepared for us all. I am so greatful and really happy about it and what the outcome may bring in my life. Thank you s.o much Dakara

  • Marilee G Hyde says:

    I did not know when it was all happening, so I was probably asleep and did not feel it, I am alone down here in Argentina. I sent my name, burned my checks when you sent the message and destroyed my list. As the timing is weird here I just follow the PDT even though I am 4 hours ahead. luckily, there was a big window this time so I was safe.
    Thank you for doing all this, I continue to do my checks at the new moon and release them during the full moon, as usual. But it is harder to manifest all the way down here in South America, I have no support group here and no one really answers my emails, too busy. So I can use all the help I can get with manifesting.

  • shaniquia mack says:

    Thank you so much..I felt wonderful this morning,and I.felt something was holding me back..

  • Anna says:

    Dakara I did not join since I’m on eastern time but I did my release ritual earlier and burn my list. Thank you for including me in your ceremony.

  • Me'Shell Miller says:

    Thank You! I know it was beautiful, I burnt my story before hand but at 8 my thoughts gravitated toward the event. My roommate was talking at the time so I could not meditate much on it, very hard to try and explain to someone who does not understand.. I am grateful to you and by looking at the pictures it is exactly how I pictured it. I am not sure if I feel lighter today but I did receive a phone call that caused me to stop and listen. I do feel I am being guided…patience and my assignment( what I have been told) so here is my test. Thank You for doing this ceremony for us all.. with much love and gratitude!

  • Dom says:

    This morning I woke up with so much energy, amazing. Thank you so much!

  • Cynthia says:

    So grateful, DaKara. Thank you. Sending you much love.

  • Earthwalker says:

    DaKara, thank you so much for offering this to your email subscribers. I used my own fire pit in my backyard to burn my list last night. Just writing things that needed to be released was helpful, but I slept very well last night and woke up refreshed and light. I really appreciate all your effort, and really enjoyed seeing the pics and reading about your ceremony. Blessed be.

  • JK Dean says:

    When I saw that you were listening to Devi Prayer I just burst out crying. Last night I released my list about an hour before your ceremony. I wanted to be fully present when it started. So when it was the actual time for it to start, I sat down to meditate for a few minutes and it came over me to listen Devi Prayer. So I was listening to the same thing while you were doing the ceremony. LOVE it! And thank you for the opportunity to participate. 🙂

  • Connie says:

    Thank you so much for including me in the Full Moon Ceremony. This release was much needed and I am honored and humbled by being included. I had much to release and thank you beautiful soul! Thank you and Infinite Blessings!

  • Lorie says:

    thank you for all your hard work…..I was outside and repeating all the releasing I wished to have gone from me….I did feel lighter yesterday.
    Thank you

  • Germaine Paeglitis says:

    This was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all your work for us, it’s greatly appreciated. I still feel the energy every time I look at the pictures & the amount of the colours changes too, cool 🙂

  • DaKara says:

    Dearest Suzette… SURRENDER… surrender all of the negativity to the Universe!!! Surrender HOW things will fall into place!
    If the new moon checks are not working well, then there is energy within that needs to be released. Start asking your body, mind and heart
    what that energy is… then Surrender it… YOU can still participate in the ceremony… the energy lives on…
    READ through the page above, if you didn’t write your list, then write it now, and offer it to a flame… intending to connect to the
    energies of the ceremony.

  • DaKara says:

    I love the Devi Prayer Album! Synchronicity at work for sure! I have it on my iPhone… so had it playing through my phone.
    The music part was one of the organic elements of the ceremony. I had a brief outline for the ceremony and was guided for the rest 🙂

  • DaKara says:

    Blessed BE… thank you for being a part of the Ceremony!

  • DaKara says:

    Thank you!

  • DaKara says:

    YAY… excellent!

  • DaKara says:

    Patience and trust is a huge lesson for many of us.. 🙂

  • Joyce K says:

    Thank you for doing this. My anxiety and sadness have gone. My anger and resentment have been swept away and has been replaced by joy and peace. I felt sore and exhausted last night. I didnt’ realize how much negativity i was holding onto. Now to get on with the new and improved me. Thank you again!

  • J Marie says:

    Thank you so much for the amazing Ceremony event that I took part in by email. It was truly a blessing and an energetic release of the old. I felt so great!
    Walking on air, and appreciating the shift.
    Sending many blessings to you!
    With Appreciation, Love and Light,

  • Cindy H says:

    Thank you,
    A friend died suddenly and I believe that this helped me release some of my sadness even though it wasn’t on my list of things to release.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    Love and blessings,

  • G Mack says:

    Love and Light .thank u so much for doing the ritual last night,,I feel a whole different…thank u
    G Mack

  • T says:

    Hello dear ones
    I was on your list for the fire pit release. I am from Greece and the time of the release was late at night and I was not able to sit in meditation. Next morning I was by the sea and I was guided to burn my list there. It was wonderful and I felt so relieved. But within a few hours I started to feel tired with no energy at all…
    Is there a connection to the release??
    Thank you for the ceremony and for helping us!!

  • DaKara says:

    Remember everyone to drink lots of extra water….
    Feeling tired is a normal side effect of a powerful release.
    Also allow your self some extra down time and rest 😉

  • W. Herring says:


  • Chiara says:

    Thank you for this , I am sure everyone noticed but I was awed when I saw a bird in the flames rising from the fire pit in the picture you sent with the email . It’s amazing !

  • Sabrina Morgan says:

    Thank you so much, DaKara, for adding me to that list and making me apart of this ceremony. May God continue to bless you!

  • Patrice says:

    Dear Dakara
    Thank you very much.

    I am certain that this additional ceremony and energy support, is greatly assisting in the deep clearing/releasing process I (and so many) am experiencing, with a lot linked to our Atlantis timeline personal & collective experiences, especially the trauma of the downfall, still keeping many in fear of moving forward and stepping back fully into who we are. Very much as well the theme of the current facilitating galactic energies and codes, to continue on breaking free from the old… 🙂

    Much gratitude
    All the best

  • Alicia says:

    DaKara, Thank you for the lovely ceremony!

    I wanted to tell you…

    I loved the ceremony, it was so beautiful & potent. A day or two afterwards, a plantar’s wart type thing that has been embedded in my left foot for about 15 years finally popped out! I had been putting medicine on it, but not even those last few days. I was astonished, I think there was effect from the releasing.

    Blessings and Thanks!!!

    Alicia P

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