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Full Moon Magic call

We are shifting and changing moment by moment with
the powerful energies coming onto the planet.
Opportunities for deep healing and transformation
present themselves for change!

Replay Now Available
Only $55.00 (Value $99)
  Powerful Healing Process and Meditation
The energy of the healing and meditation are
encoded into the replay recordings.




Are you ready for deep and profound change? 
What area’s of your life is calling out for assistance,
change and transformation?

On January 31, 2018 we have a very rare and powerful Full Moon.
This is a SUPER moon as it is close to the Earth
This is also a Blue Moon (second full moon in a calendar month).
AND a full Lunar Eclipse known as a Blood Moon. 
It has been about 150 years since this astrological
event has taken place.

DaKara has been guided to create a
powerful healing and
call to support you on your journey.

This call will be about 75 minutes in length. 
DaKara always over delivers, so plan for 90 minutes.

Unlike the monthly New Moon calls, this call will be mostly
energy healing processes and a magical meditation.

Lunar eclipses block the past allowing us to focus on the present moment.
Eclipses bring the hidden forth to the surface.  This may show up as
emotional distress or upheaval.  This eclipse is almost opposite of the big
lunar eclipse last August 2017 in Aquarius. This bookends the opposite
views of certain energies, emotions and aspects.

Leo is heart centered energy, inviting us to be creative, loving and passionate
about life. Aquarius gives us opportunity to review life from a higher perspective. 
What new higher vision is there waiting for you to observe.

During this call:

You will be guided into the sacred meadow, grounded
and connected to source. As we begin this tranformational
call, we will release the outer layers of energies holding
you back
from truly embracing your true self. 

We will call back the pieces and part of you left
behind, bringing you back into wholeness.

Initiate heart healing and expansion. The heart is the
essence of all love bonds. It is the driving force in your
relationships, (with yourself and others).  The heart guides
and teaches you about how to be more loving and kind.

Clear Gatekeepers to your heart and creativity

Dive deep into the matrix of the Universe to
support your life goals, allowing them to be
energies and focused with pure intent.

Tap into the Master Number 11 to energetically
lay out a plan for 2018
and so much more!

 Replay Now Available
Only $55.00 (Value $99)
  Powerful Healing Process and Meditation
The energy of the healing and meditation are
encoded into the replay recordings.



During the call, DaKara will guide you into the
healing sacred circle where the real magic happens!
Guided processes take you deep within your subconscious
 mind, where you can set your intentions, goals and what you are
 ready to achieve in its highest form and raise your vibrational
frequency and then anchor that into your physical body.
Are you ready for more _______?
Fill in the blank! CHOOSE it! BE it!


 Powerful Healing and Meditation to help you
transform what is no longer serving you.  The healing
meditation is a separate recording so you can easily listen
over and over to that portion to work on and
transform several areas of your life.

What do you want?  Come to this transformational
call prepared to relinquish the past and anchor into the
energy of this new moon to support your manifesting! 

New adventures add magic to support you to
manifesting your hearts desires.

 The energy of the healing and meditation are
encoded into the replay recordings.

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To your Success!





2 Responses to Full Moon Magic Call

  • Sam says:

    Hi DaKara,

    Oh my goodness! It totally dropped to zero and I felt amazing energy pulsing and vibrating through me during the meditation and tears burst forth unexpectedly. I felt really cleansed afterward, fresh and alive.

    I Had a meeting two hours afterward that I had been afraid of attending but felt fine at, after doing the healing work this morning and then later a journalist called to ask me to speak publicly about an issue going on here with the govt trying to close down an Urban farm school so they can sell off the land which is worth a fortune. I had no problem saying yes to the request and will be doing it tomorrow morning!

    I feel now that we’ve uncovered the most hidden gatekeeper I had since I started attending your calls in November 2017. Great stuff, you do amazing work.

    We are having a lunar eclipse pool party this evening with a couple of other families as the viewing will be spectacular here in Perth as it’s summer! The kids will love it.

    Love and blessings to you too and many thanks,

  • DaKara says:

    hi Sam… that is amazing! keep up the good work for your area and the planet!

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