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New Moon Touch 2023 Special

Receive a report of where the new moon is
touching your chart for all of 2023

January – December 2023
Special offer valid until January 31, 2023

Empower your self and hone into the energies
that best support your Manifesting by knowing
which house is being touched each month.

If you have purchased a chart from us within
the last 24 months
or know we have your
chart on file special annual report
Only $30.00
(reg $48.00)

(If you purchase and don’t have a chart on file, we will send you
an invoice for the additional funds.)

Receive your birth chart and the full year of
houses touched report
Only $40.00 (reg $58.00)

You will need to send the following information for your
personal chart to be created.


Date of Birth:

Time of Birth:

Place of Birth:
City, State, Country/Province

Your report will be created within 48 business
hours once all birth data
is received or we have
confirmed we have your chart on file.

Don’t know your birth time?
DaKara can dowse your birth time
for you and create your birth chart.

DaKara’s guides gave her a sequence of
questions to ask to make sure the
information is clear and accurate.

Only $35.00
Ad this on if you need a dowsed chart

Once all needed data is received, your report and or
chart will be emailed to you within 2 business days
from the time we receive birth information.

To your Success!