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 New Moon Manifesting Call



Replay Now Available
Only $19.19 (Reg. $25)
Powerful Meditation and healing included!
See below

Discover if you have a Belief Keeper holding your back from
creating a healthy new routine in you life!

Are you ready to change that belief? Sign up now
to transform and create the energy of the new
belief to support your wishes and dreams.

Then we took a powerful journey into  the Cave of
transformation, and received a healing green orb of light from the
Goddess of Healing!  Simply by asking for what needs to shift within
you to create  the life of our dreams! New adventures add magic to
support you to manifesting your hearts desires.

   Learn about the energies of Virgo and the Houses.


 New Moon August 25, 2014 – 7:13 am PDT/ 10:13 am EDT
3 degrees Virgo

  Allow the energy of Earth ~ Virgo to support you during this New Moon.
We will tap into the energy of
Virgo to assist us in creating our wishes,
desires and dreams. 
Virgo‘s healing energy can support you in starting
a healthy new routine!  What new ways of manifesting are
your ready to embrace?

I will create an energetic space to manifest your dreams  and
wishes  by anchoring in new energetic patterns to your field.

So what do you want? Come to this transformational
call prepared to relinquish the past and anchor into the energy of this
new moon to support your manifesting!


We will journey deep within our subconscious mind, where you can
set your intentions, goals and what you are ready to achieve in its highest
form and raise your vibrational frequency and then anchor that into
your physical body.   Are you ready for more _______?
Fill in the blank! CHOOSE it! BE it!


Replay Now Available
Only $19.19 (Reg. $25)
Powerful Meditation and healing included!

New Moon Manifesting Cart

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Powerful Healing and Meditation to help you
transform what is no longer serving you.  The healing meditation is
a separate recording so you can easily listen over and over
to that portion to work on and transform several
areas of your life.

 Call duration approx 45 – 60 minutes

Share from attendees!

“DaKara, I want to share a success story with you from the
January new moon call. To be perfectly honest some months I listen
to the call and don’t get around to doing all that I should, be it color
or writing out the checks etc.  Something about January’s call just resonated
and I used crystals with the right color, wrote out the sentence you gave and
did three new moon checks and really focused my intention on what I wanted.
My number one desire was that we all found a place ( as in daughter and her
family and my husband and I ) could live.  They had been looking for awhile and
just couldn’t find the right place for the right price.  Within the city limits of
Chicago where we live, housing is quite pricey.  By the full moon, this place showed
up and the owner accepted their offer and we will all be living there come September.
I truly believe the energy in your call sparked my energy and intention
and made the manifestation of that house just
show up so matter of fact.  Thank you for your guidance.  “

Debbie, Chicago IL


“Hi DaKara,
My hubby and I just finished listening to the call.  WOW,
that was incredible. When you/we did this meditation,
I was sitting in a chair listening. The energy built up
and up and I finally had to lay on the floor to finish
with you. Lordy, that was powerful!!!!

One of the ways I know that something is very powerful
for me or someone I’m working with is I get somewhat
nauseous, or a lot. I usually have to power on through
when I’m working with someone, but whew, it’s intense.

 Loved the Red Dragon and the Phoenix it transformed
into. Since I was quite young, I’ve had a thing with
Phoenix, so this added to the power of the power.

 Love working with you!”

 Hugs, Carole Wike, Los Angeles, CA


Hey,  I just wanted to email you guys in respect to these law of abundance check.
On Sat 6/7 I wrote out 3 of these checks for $500, $5000, $20000 and I went to
the casino and I won the first two!!! I want to thank you guys as well as the Universe.
Envision abundance and prosperity and you shall receive! Never give up!



Each month we are given time to till the soil of what we want to manifest…
the Dark of the Moon time or also known as ‘Balsamic’ Moon.  About 2.5 days
before each new moon, we are in this extremely fertile time to go within and
focus on what we are choosing to manifest in our lives. Using the energy of the
astrology sign the new moon is in, as well as the house the new moon touches
on for you, we will create the energy within the group to support you on your journey!

By signing up in advance, your name will be
entered into a drawing for a 20 min session with me
on the phone or via Skype!

How does it get any better than that?

In this class you will learn/experience:

  • Learn about the energy of the sign of the new moon.
  • Learn the Sabian Symbol of the new moon.
  • Learn about the energy of the houses.
  • I will offer a live healing to clear and relinquish the
    energies that maybe holding you back
    around what
    you are wanting to manifest during the upcoming
    new moon.
  • Meditation to assist you in creating!

If you have your birth chart, have it handy for the call!
If you need  a chart go to to
get a free chart… or sign up to get a mini new
moon reading with me to personally assist you!
Go to
for details!

Sign up now to receive call in details.
Not able to attend the live call? 

All is well!  I will send out the replay recording
within 24 hours of the call! 

Plenty of time to listen and be ready for the new moon!

 Post Call Replay Only $19.19 (Reg. $25)
Powerful Meditation and healing included!

Replay Now Available
Only $19.19 (Reg. $25)
Powerful Meditation and healing included!

New Moon Manifesting Cart

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