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New Moon Manifesting Call

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  Powerful Meditation and Healing included!
The energy of the healing and meditation are
encoded into the replay recordings.


Learn about the energies of Taurus and the Houses.

Powerful Meditation and Healing included!
The energy of the healing and meditation are
encoded into the replay recordings.

This months call was Earth Energy powerful!  
Relinquish the energies holding you back from standing
in your power and manifesting your heart’s desires.

What doubts, insecurity and resistance is holding you back? 
Release it now during part two of the call.

During the journey step in the Alchemical Earth Realm and
then enter the doorway at the base of an ancient Oak tree,
descend the spiral staircase into the deeper earth magic. 
Enter the secret cave by invitation of the fairies.

Enter the Clearing Chamber where your guided to
clear more energies.  Then enter the Healing Chamber –
taking the healing energies deeper.  Then we enter
the Manifesting Chamber and step up to that altar
for the light to weave our heart’s desire deep within
your 3rd eye and heart center.  Magic all around!

Receive an energetic transmission to support your
manifesting even further!

New Moon

May 7, 2024
8:22 pm PT – 11:22 pm ET
19 Degrees Taurus

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Secret Cave Earth energies

Secret Cave ~ Earth Magic

Allow the energy of Earth ~ Taurus to support you during this powerful
New Moon.
Journey with DaKara as we step through a portal into a realm of
Alchemical Earth.
A beautiful magical alchemical space of transformation,
magic and manifestation.
Prepare to enter the realm of
deep transformation and manifesting.

Once in the Magical Earth realm you will meet your Earth
elementals who will guide and assist you.  We’ll call in your
Earth elementals team to assist you on your journey deep into a secret
Manifesting Cave. We’ll step into a creative healing and releasing space –
transform the old, creating space for the new – rebirthing you through the
element of Earth.

 You’ll be guided to place your vision and
energy for the future of your heart’s desire into a container that you’ll be
guided to anchor into your being, filled with light and alchemy.   

Allow your Earth faeries and elementals to support the essence
of your core to manifest with ease!   Earth energies and elementals are
powerful allies for manifesting.

This is a multi-dimensional magical space where the
element of Earth will assist you in transforming to align
with manifesting your heart’s desires.    

What old patterns live and consume space within your body and mind that are
holding you back from your greatest manifesting?    You’ll be guided to clear and
disentangle old patterns connected or blocking your manifesting the chosen
heart’s desire. Once cleared, imagine the possibilities that await you!

 We will also download an energy transmission to assist you in manifesting
your hearts desires and to balance and align your body and mind to be
fully open to receive. 

Allow Earth to transform you and support you in letting go of old emotional
patterns that no longer serve you.  We will call in the alchemy to
best serve
you in preparation to be sent forth out into the energetic field.

We will anchor into the Mid brain platform – one of
your most powerful manifesting tools – along with
the mind set of Taurus energies!
Magic is a foot!

  What are you being called to manifest in your life?  Where in your
life will magical energies invoke and create
more inspiration for your journey?

 During the energy clearing portion of the call, we’ll tap into the
energies needed to shift and be cleared in order for you to clearly
see and believe in yourself and your bright future.
What is the deeper aspect you are ready to claim?

   What is holding you back? Within the sacred space,
be guided to shift and release energies and emotional
blocks holding you back from manifesting.

  Powerful healing energies will assist you in letting go of the past, let’s
clear all the old patterns clouding your inner vision for a bright future.

We’ll anchor your heart’s desire with the richness of Alchemy energy
for manifesting with ease and grace!

LET GO, BE Peace, prepare and till the soil to create your
hears desires with ease and grace.

This is a powerful call, packed with energy clearing,
activation and transformation!

 DaKara creates an energetic space to manifest your dreams 
and wishes by anchoring in new energetic patterns to your field.  Where you
can release and transform your old stories, emotions and ‘stuff’, preparing you
for a connection to the collective.   We will magically call forth the energies to
bring in your heart desires through the power of Air Alchemy and Aquarius.
Are you ready to receive it? 

What do you want?  Come to this transformational
call prepared to relinquish the past and anchor into the
energy of this new moon to support your Manifesting!

Call approx 83 minutes


Want your own Chart with a note on
which house the New Moon is Touching?

There is now an option for DaKara to
dowse your birth time if unknown.

Share from attendees!

I have been doing your New Moon calls for the past 11 months and have found them invaluable in helping me to transform my life. I have manifested money as I’ve needed it and more, jobs, helpful people, better relationships with my close loved ones and started working on creative projects that I have wanted to do for more than 30 years!!! I am in the process of manifesting my dream home and getting local politicians involved in creating a community Artist’s Centre. I was a little skeptical at first but this ritual has really helped me get back in touch with nature and I ALWAYS make a bonfire in my backyard at the Full Moon two weeks later and release those checks and all the emotional stuff and hows and should’s with them. It’s all just great fun for me and a perfect way to stay in touch with my inner child plus lighten all grief and heavy emotions related to past experiences that I hold/have held and release them safely. Thank you DaKara!
I’ve been doing the new moon ceremonies with DaKara since 2016. I didn’t necessarily connect the dots to the extra money that started easily appearing, however, it was showing up in spite of all the stress and fear I was engulfed in at the time.

I moved from the City at the beginning of 2017 to a much more peaceful environment, and stopped doing the ceremonies. Coincidentally, money stopped flowing and life started getting chaotic, so I decided to do the Virgo new moon ceremony (Sept. 2017) and wow.

My first thought was how powerful and grounded DaKara sounded. She’s always been amazing, but I noticed a subtle difference that made me think that she has definitely been ‘called to lead the tribe forward’. I’ve done the September 2017 ceremony 3 nights in a row and each time my physical issues/blockages cleared, and this morning I woke up feeling happy and clear-headed. I honestly don’t remember the last time I felt that way. If ever.

Thank you, Dakara!

Dearest Dakara,

just listened to the recording of your New Moon Manifesting call of April 24th. The information you shared is confirmation of everything that I’ve been sensing. Your guided meditation was exceptionally beautiful, powerful and empowering. You guided me to a place deep within my heart and soul where I experienced release, healing, peace and unconditional love. I emerged feeling similar to what those who’ve had NDE’s describe as their experience of Heaven.

My faith in my own capacities and the process of life have been reborn. I not only feel, but know that I can truly move forward and create and build something from nothing; and I look forward to birthing my desires into reality. Thank you so much for the beautiful work that you do. You are a gracious contribution to us all.

Much Gratitude, Love and Blessings to you, Dakara!
Maureen Marie Damery
Your Owner’s Manual for Life ~ Source Code of Your Soul
“DaKara’s new moon guidance is thoughtful and insightful. Her clear intuitive direction to capture what the stars and the universe are simply magical. I was laid off last year and since have been writing new moon checks. It’s nothing short of a miracle that I’ve been able to cover my bills. I love that DaKara keeps it simple by directing one to ask for more, and not in the form of money. It was especially comforting for me in the recent call where she suggests writing a check for sustenance. Thank you for being a guide to supporting people to live a life that is large and glorious!!”
Melissa Grillo
Shares from a regular attendee of the monthly calls:

The sacred space is feeling more familiar every time. I really enjoy the rainbow-colored waterfall. I saw a lot of really beautiful colors during the meditation. When I entered the cave, to meet the master teacher, I sensed a Magenta color.

I felt a nice rapport with my Dolphin guide. The most interesting thing was that my master teacher was a female. I’ve done a lot of guided meditations where you meet an inner guide / teacher, but they were always male. And I often had trouble visualizing somebody that felt right for me. This time, I spontaneously sensed a female master teacher, and it felt like the transmission / communication was more heart-to-heart than mind-to-mind. Very very nice!

I feel a shift from Hopelessness to Determination.

I usually like the Healing part the best, and while the Healing part was very good, I liked the Meditation even better.

Each month, it gets better and better. During the step with the Energy Package, I sensed a special spiritual energy which I have only experienced a few times in my life!
David O.
Hi Dakara,

Hope all is well with you. I was the winner of the healing session last month and you did the healing and clearing work for in preparation for a job interview the following week. Got the letter this morning advising me I had been successful and offered the job. It was a very, very pleasant surprise and took a few times of reading for the news to sink in. I’m now going to write the new moon cheque for the top incremental pay scale for the position. Thanks very much for the work you’re doing.

I was listening to the replay for this month and fell asleep. Woke up and found my little pussy cat all snuggled up in my arms and listening very intently…..

Kind regards
“I enjoy working with you so much in these new moon manifestation calls, DaKara. You are such a gifted, compassionate healer, and I am amazed that you charge so little and give so very much. In the past few months, working with you, I have noticed a huge difference in my ability to ask for much greater things and to receive them. “ Much Love,
This was the absolute best $ value I have ever experienced. I haven’t felt called this winter to manifest anything. This Aries new moon has prompted 9 different new moon checks, and I was able to process each of them with your powerful healing and meditation. I set up a new moon altar, and I experienced amazing healing in so many different areas of my life. Many opportunities arose with my intention to powerfully manifest this month. Best of all, I know this is just the tip of the iceberg. I can feel new energies flooding in. I am woman, hear me roar!

So a heartfelt thank you for your magic. Much love,

*** Victoria has much more to share and some great idea’s to support manifesting using the New Moon Check process. Read her multiple shares and stories HERE.

Dearest DaKara,

Heartfelt thanks to you.

I have attended the last 2 new moon calls and I wanted to say “THANK YOU”. Listening to those calls, I was able to release many fears surrounding money and other blockages.

Thanks to your wonderful healing energy and your new moon checks, my husband and I, won the grand prize of $5000.00 this weekend at an event.

I am so grateful to the Universe and to you, Dakara for this wonderful blessing. Your gift of healing and helping is truly amazing.

God Bless you.
from: Montreal, Canada
The Abundance check has already saved my life in numerous and surprising ways. For example last NM, I didn’t have any check with me, just a small scratch paper. I wrote it on it any way wishing that the high intensity of my feelings will erase the poor quality of the paper! At my surprise I received divine help I really needed. The tenants who were causing problems in my rental property by not accepting to move out, finally did with almost not a word!

Every month something good arrives, little treat or big help. It is so comforting to know that we are not alone.

The more I do this , the more confident I become, the happier I feel. Sometimes it seems that I feel that divine presence around so strong like I could touch it. What a great moment!

Thank you for being part of this process.
"DaKara, I want to share a success story with you from the January new moon call. To be perfectly honest some months I listen to the call and don’t get around to doing all that I should, be it color or writing out the checks etc. Something about January’s call just resonated and I used crystals with the right color, wrote out the sentence you gave and did three new moon checks and really focused my intention on what I wanted.

My number one desire was that we all found a place (as in daughter and her family and my husband and I) could live. They had been looking for awhile and just couldn’t find the right place for the right price.

Within the city limits of Chicago where we live, housing is quite pricey. By the full moon, this place showed up and the owner accepted their offer and we will all be living there come September.

I truly believe the energy in your call sparked my energy and intention and made the manifestation of that house just show up so matter of fact.

Thank you for your guidance."
Chicago IL
“Hi DaKara,

My hubby and I just finished listening to the call. WOW, that was incredible. When you/we did this meditation, I was sitting in a chair listening. The energy built up and up and I finally had to lay on the floor to finish with you. Lordy, that was powerful!!!!

One of the ways I know that something is very powerful for me or someone I’m working with is I get somewhat nauseous, or a lot. I usually have to power on through when I’m working with someone, but whew, it’s intense.

Loved the Red Dragon and the Phoenix it transformed into. Since I was quite young, I’ve had a thing with Phoenix, so this added to the power of the power.

Love working with you!”

Carole Wike
Los Angeles, CA
Hey, I just wanted to email you guys in respect to these law of abundance check. On Sat 6/7 I wrote out 3 of these checks for $500, $5000, $20000 and I went to the casino and I won the first two!!! I want to thank you guys as well as the Universe. Envision abundance and prosperity and you shall receive!

Never give up!

Each month we are given time to till the soil of what we want to manifest… the Dark of the Moon time or also known as ‘Balsamic’ Moon. About 2.5 days before each new moon, we are in this extremely fertile time to go within and focus on what we are choosing to manifest in our lives.

Using the energy of the astrology sign the new moon is in, as well as the house the new moon touches on for you, we will create the energy within the group to support you on your journey!

By signing up in advance, your name will be entered into a drawing for a 20 min session with me on the phone or via Skype!

How does it get any better than that?

In this class you will learn/experience:

If you have your birth chart, have it handy for the call!

You can purchase a birth chart and we’ll share which House
the New Moon is touching for you!

PLUS if you do not have your birth time, there is now an
option to have DaKara dowse that for you.

Using the energy of the astrology sign the new moon is in, as well as
the house the new moon touches on for you, we will create the energy
within the group to support you on your journey!

A no cost option to create a birth chart can be found at

Or sign up to get a Mini New Moon reading with DaKara
to personally assist you!

Go to for details!

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2024 New Moons

New Moon days and times are shown in:

PST/PDT – Pacific – Los Angeles Time 
EST/EDT – New York 
Find your time zone:

taurus glyph

Tuesday – May 7, 2024

8:22 pm PT – 11:22 pm ET

19 Degrees Taurus

gemini glyph

Thursday – June 6, 2024

5:38 am PT – 8:38 am ET

17 Degrees Gemini

Cancer glyph

Friday – July 5, 2024

3:57 pm PT – 6:57 pm ET

15 Degrees Cancer

leo glyph

Sunday – August 4, 2024

4:13 am PT – 7:13 am ET

13 Degrees Leo

virgo glyph

Monday – September 2, 2024

6:56 pm PT – 9:56 pm ET

12 Degrees Virgo

libra glyph

Wednesday – October 2, 2024

11:49 am PT – 2:49 pm ET

11 Degrees Libra

scorpio glyph

Friday – November 1, 2024

5:47 am PT – 8:47 am ET

10 Degrees Scorpio

Sag glyph

Sat/Sunday – Nov 30/Dec 1, 2024

10:21 pm PT – 1:21 am ET

10 Degrees Sagittarius

Previous 2024 New Moons

Capricorn glyph

Thursday – January 11, 2024

3:57 am PT – 6:57 am ET

21 Degrees Capricorn


Friday – February 9, 2024

2:59 pm PT – 5:59 pm ET
Chinese New Year – Year of the Dragon

21 Degrees Aquarius

pisces glyph

Sunday – March 10, 2024

2:00 am PT – 5:00 am ET

21 Degrees Pisces


Monday – April 8, 2024

11:21 am PT – 2:21 pm ET

20 Degrees Aries

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