Release Rituals

This ritual can help shift your life in ways you cannot even imagine. The burden we carry when we hang onto old negative energies, truly weighs us down. Holding us back from the magic and miracles life on planet earth has to offer.

Imagine yourself in Nature, offering all of the anger, resentment, rage, frustration, that have a grip on you, your life, your body, your health!

What will your life feel like without all of the burden these negative energies carry? Imagine feeling happy, free, joyful, inspired to take the actions steps you have been wanting too, but the weight of all this anger and resentment holds you back, causing you to feel heavy, tired, lethargic.

Moving through the simple steps shared in this ritual to feeling lighter, clearer, having a deeper sense of knowing your path, purpose and your next steps in life and your journey.

Included in the ritual is an audio file link with DaKara chanting An Nur. Chant along with her during the ritual
or simply listen at each of the parts where chanting is noted.


You can use the file to listen in anytime your heart desires! Download the file to you Mobile Device and take this beautiful chanting with you everywhere!

Value $49.95 
For a limited time at a reduced price of $35.95 

Transform your life, energy field and physical body! 
Freeing your body, mind and heart!

To your Success!