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Dakara Kies
October 2016
Sun in Scorpio
5 degrees
Moon in Leo
21 degrees
Third Quarter Moon
Third Quarter Moon
23 days old
Share from Manifesting Call attendee "Thank you Thank you Thank you, Law of Abundance and DaKara. This month we manifested a win from our favorite radio station...a weekend trip to Palm Springs, $100 restaurant coupon and a show at a casino to see an Elvis impersonator. I was so excited. Great win!!! My husband Joe finally put in an ad for an assistant. He'd been talking about this all year. So, he put up his ad and got so may replies. The first one was exactly what he was creating as he thought about what he wanted in an assistant. Exactly what he wanted. Ah, the Universe is generous and loving. It's been a great month. xoxoxo Carole, Los Angeles, CA"
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2016 New Moons dates listed below

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scorpio glyph 

New Moon
October 30th   10:38 am PDT – 1:38 pm EDT
8 degrees Scorpio

  2016 New Moon days and times:
(PST/PDT – Pacific – Los Angeles Time and
EST/EDT – New York Times listed)

Find your time zone:

   If you know a bit about Astrology, find 8 degrees
of Scorpio in your chart, focus your intention on
that house in your chart. (go here if you need help)
For instance 8 degrees of Scorpio is in
my 4th house.

I am focusing on tuning into our home and clearing
any clutter or stagnate energies!

What next level of wisdom is ready to come forth
and be shared?

What new magical ways can I align with Source,
the Goddess and Angels

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Write your checks within 24- 48 hours after the new
moon for maximum potency. Unless the moon is void of course.
When the moon is “void of course” it is in a holding pattern.
Waiting until the next sign gives your intention more power
and available energy for manifesting.

Write  a check in alignment with the house the new moon it
touching on for you, or for anything else you are desiring in life.
You can write more than one check, but keep it under 10
as your energy will get pulled in too many directions otherwise.

NEW!!!  Sign your name to the back of your new
moon check!  As if you are preparing it
for deposit
to the Universal Bank of Manifesting!!!

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 Steps to writing your New Moon Abundance Checks

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2. Click here for the HOW TO write your new moon check 

3. New Moon dates – Click here for dates

4. Astrology House Information found here

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 2016 New Moons .

scorpio glyph 
October 30th   10:38 am PDT – 1:38 pm EDT
8 degrees Scorpio


Sag glyph

November 29th 4:18 am PST – 7:18 am EST
8 degrees Sagittarius


Capricorn glyph
December 28th   10:53 pm PST – 1:53 am EST Dec 29th
8 degrees Capricorn 13th Moon of 2016



    November 6, 2016 Daylight savings time ends


Capricorn glyph
January 9th     5:30 pm PST – 8:30 pm EST
20 degree Capricorn


February 8th  6:39 am PST – 9:39 am EST
20 degrees Aquarius

 pisces glyph
March 8th   5:54 pm PST – 8:54 pm EDT
19 degrees Pisces


April 7th     4:24 am PDT – 7:24 am EDT
19 degrees Aries

taurus glyph
May 6th       12:29 pm PDT – 3:29 pm EDT
17 degrees Taurus

gemini glyph
June 4th     7:59 pm PDT – 10:59 pm EDT
15 degrees Gemini

Cancer glyph
July 4th       4:01 am PDT – 7:01 am EDT
13 degrees Cancer

leo glyph
August 2nd   1:44 pm PDT – 4:44 pm EDT
11 degrees Leo

virgo glyph
September 1st   2:03 am PDT – 5:03 am EDT
10 degrees Virgo

 libra glyph
September 30th 5:11 pm PDT – 8:11 pm EDT
9 degrees Libra
Black Moon



   March 13, 2016 Daylight savings time begins
November 6, 2016 Daylight savings time ends