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Shares from a regular New Moon Manifesting Call attendee 

Thank you Vicki for sharing so much.   I love some of the ideas of painting the color for the month
and using sacred symbols! I appreciate you sharing your experiences with us all!

April 16, 2018

This was the absolute best $21.21 value I have ever experienced.  I haven’t felt called this winter
to manifest anything.  This Aries new moon has prompted 9 different new moon checks, and I
was able to process each of them with your powerful healing and meditation. I set up a
new moon altar, and I experienced amazing healing in so many different areas of my life.
Many opportunities arose with my intention to powerfully manifest this month.
Best of all, I  know this is just the tip of the iceberg.  I can feel new
energies flooding in.  I am woman, hear me roar!

So a heartfelt thank you for your magic.

Much love, Vicki

June 11, 2018

1. I very much appreciated the astrology information.  It really helps me get much more practical
about what energies I am working with to manifest this month.

2. I have listened to the call 4 times for four different issues.  And I expect to listen to it a few more
times as well.  Before each listening, I did several things.  I wrote down a description of what I
wanted to manifest and I chose a symbol or two to represent that.  After the first time, I set up
my altar.  I didn’t have an orange cloth, so I got out my orange paint and am really pleased by
what I did!  I painted a large sheet with swirls of orange paint, to represent
Gemini’s air moving through.  I painted a second sheet with symbols of the five things that I
am manifesting this month.  I really loved doing this process; I got very clear about just what I
wanted, what symbol to paint.  I also painted an envelope orange.  I placed my symbols on top
of the painted symbols.  For instance, I want to manifest a healing business, so I chose a shaman
stone, a pewter sorceress and an owl to symbolize the intuition, wisdom and insight to illuminate
my next steps.  So after this preparation, I held each symbol as I listened to the
recording and worked on that particular issue.

I cleared so many things!  I had a few hidey-hoos (great name) and lots of gatekeepers. 
At times, I had two gatekeepers for two different areas (for instance, when my manifesting intention
was to create a loving relationship with my parents, gatekeepers from my lungs and my throat
showed up.  As well as a long line of ancestors.  And a few hidey-hoos.  That was a big one! 
Thanks to Archangel Michael, we were able to cut those cords while allowing the connection
(to the ancestors) to be through love instead of through these physical symptoms
of congestion and burning throat.  Huge!

3. In the first session, I went from 10 to 2.  In the rest of the sessions, I went from 10 to 0.

4.  The meditation was so powerful, and I experienced very different things for each of my intentions. 
The last one, which I completed a few minutes ago, was the most surprising.  The outcome from
the cleaning up of the relationship with my parents was me with an amazing new love relationship
with a man who showed up quite clearly — so much so that I realized I recognized him from my
dreams!  The new perspective/outcome of a healing project was also amazing, as I saw
my work affecting the entire globe in a really healing way!

5.  I enjoy working with you so much in these new moon manifestation calls, DaKara. 
You are such a gifted, compassionate healer, and I am amazed that you charge so little and
give so very much.  In the past few months, working with you, I have noticed a huge difference
in my ability to ask for much greater things and to receive them.  At first, I just asked for very small
things.  Then in April, I asked for quite a few impossible things with that fiery Aries energy.  Before
the full moon, two of them manifested including a scholarship for a class — when I wrote the check,
I didn’t even know scholarships existed!  I also asked for a loan from a dear friend to be repaid. 
I even called the friend, said I’d done this, and asked if it would be okay if the debt just came
straight to them, or if it needed to come from me to be considered repaid.  The answer was, any
way it comes, it will be received gladly!  And within two weeks, it came — as a 34% raise in pay,
backdated, so that it was the exact amount I had owed.  However, my friend said, when I
voiced my celebration, that the money had come from his hard work, not my manifesting. 
So I’ll do another check and have the money to repay come straight to me!  I am learning so
much about manifesting, about clear intentions, about clearing blocks and healing parts
of me that I never knew existed, let alone that they were keeping me from manifesting my wildest
dreams.  Thank you so much for all the clearing and healing you do in these calls.  And for giving
me the ability to replay them.  It is so interesting that I bring different issues and have very differen0
experiences each time.  You are a treasure, and I so appreciate what you bring to the manifesting
table!  You do have my permission to quote me, and thank you for keeping it anonymous. 
 Love and aloha,

June 27 , 2018

Dear DaKara,

Thank you for all the gifts you give so unstintingly, so generously.  You’ve made an
enormous impact on my life!  I really appreciate the gift of the full moon magic call!

I have more to add to my story of this month’s altar.  I prepared the altar, painted my two
orange paintings, and selected the symbols for each check.  The checks were printed as were
the moon mantra for this month.   The altar was ready but not yet activated.  Meanwhile, I care
for my highly intuitive two-year-old grandson. He usually loves my altars, climbs up onto a loveseat
beside it and examines it freely.  However, he completely ignored it for two days.  The day you
sent the email to write the checks, I didn’t see the timing of when I received your email, since
when I am with my grandson, he receives my entire presence.  Later I realized within 30 minutes
of your email landing in my inbox, he climbed into the loveseat, grabbed a pencil
(one of the symbols for one of my checks), a blank check, and was busy filling it out in a language
I don’t recognize, which others might call scribbling.  I asked if he wanted my help, which he disdained.
And rightly so, I am sure he was using sacred script!  When he finished, I asked if he
would like to choose a symbol for his check.  I offered all the ones I had already selected
and said, feel free to choose one of these.  He looked them over judiciously, but nope.  So I got
my shoe box full of symbols, stones, statues that I use for my altars.  He looked through it
very seriously and then selected an antique skeleton key, and placed it on top of his check on
the altar.  I was kind of blown away.  This morning, I was even more blown away.  I was gathering up the
altar in preparation for the releasing ritual.  On the painting I had done of the symbols of what I
was manifesting, my grandson had drawn his own symbol, very emphatically, and it looks like a bridge
spanning three of my intentions that would impact him: a beautiful home,
a new way of showing up in relationships, and my healing writing.

It is awesome to be working with two masters (you and my grandson) and to
allow this sacred work the space to work its magic!

So many thanks and a heart full of aloha!