2016 Numerology Call

Replay Now Available!

Only $27.27 (Reg. $50)

Powerful Meditation and Healing included!
The energy of the healing and meditation are
encoded into the replay recordings.

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Learn about the energies of Capricorn and the Houses.

2016 Numerology & Alignment Call
REPLAY available now!
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Replay purchase includes Two Bonus items!

  1. Individual Numbers information and keywords Priceless
  2. Release Anger, Frustration, Resentment & Rage Ritual

Release through the Elements. Who doesn’t have a little bit of anger or resentment that needs  releasing! Value $49.95 Worth the price of the replay all on its own!

Over delivered again!  I had slotted 90 minutes for the call and it was closer to 1 hour and 52 minutes of powerful Information & Sacred Transformation. Giving you a road map to set your course for 2016!

Are you ready to jump into the Energies of  2016?

What do the number 9, 16, 7 and 1 all have to due with 2016?

Purchase the replay now to discover all the information you will need to navigate this year of  endings, new beginnings and sacred transformation!

What is your Theme for 2106?

What is your personal new year number?
How does that play with the Universal Year number 9?

In this call you  will be guided in how to calculate your personal number for 2016. 

How to calculate your personal number for each day to know what energies are at play for you.

How does your personal number play with the Universal number 9 of 2016?  You will learn about  the energy of each number and how it over lays with the number 9 energy.

2016 also has strong 1 energy.  We started our year at 10 degrees of Capricorn, giving us a powerful new beginning energy to support all of 2016.

A powerful clearing and healing using  Light Alchemy, Sacred Language, Heart Point Technique to clear any resistance or blocks and set forth our intentions for the new year!

What energies are holding you back? Clear any residual energies of 2015 and then blast forth with the power and energy of the new Golden Age.

Stand in your power, be your true self and enjoy a powerful Meditation with Snowy Owl as your guide.  Showing you the wisdom within, as you journey to the Hall of Records to write in your book of 2016.


 Replay Now Available
Only $59.95 

Value $99.99
Powerful Meditation and healing included!

PLUS two bonus items listed above as a gift



All sales are final – no refunds offered.

Share from attendees!

hi DaKara,
I found the information in this class to be helpful on many levels. The class was very thorough. I appreciated learning how to calculate my personal year. It was also very helpful to realize that this was the final year of the 2008-2016 cycle. The healing flowed right into the meditation — it was like one process. I kept following my inner guidance, even though I had no idea where it was taking me, and by the end it all came together. I felt a definite shift that progressed throughout the meditation. When we visualized a successful ending for the year 2016, I felt like I was going to be supported along the way. I really liked both the healing and the insights from the meditation.
David O.

Shares from previous Numerology calls!

“What a magical journey you took us on!  I could feel the cold marble beneath my feet in the hall of records.  Writing out my story for 2013 was so empowering!  When you had us place out hand on our book I felt a jolt run through my body! Thank you so much Dakara for this wonderful and empowering class!”
Julie K.  Michigan
“Freaking awesome class…  Thank you so much!!!”
Karen O – Alberta Canada
Dear Dakara “The class was great. The meditation was beautiful things just keep flowing in. Putting myself out there doing Reiki and Ear Candling. I’ve been finding excuses to hold me back. Lack of confidence is the real reason. I’ve felt others are better than me or I won’t do it right.

Thank You Thank You Thank You ! I am going to listen to and do the meditation every day it is so moving. Thank you for making the class available to listen to as many times as we feel the need. Love, Light and Abundance
Lorraine, Wisconsin

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