Super Special Manifesting Call

On Monday July 29th we had very magical manifesting
opportunity! A Grand Sextile alignment in the sky –
Time for Magical Manifesting!

The energy of this powerful alignment was anchored into the recording. Listen to it over and over again and tap into this powerful energy to assist you in releasing and manifesting your hearts desires. Take a journey with me to cleanse the old patterns of awareness so that you can step into the new Beingness of you!

Special Healing, Clearing,
Magical Manifesting Meditation

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Using Sacred  Geometry to assist your manifesting!
The Flower of Life is used to anchor your wishes and desires!
Then we travel through the portal in the center of the Star of David.
Travel to a dimension where are your dreams have already
come true!

 In this 87 min call, we called forth the light to clear and
transform Gatekeepers, Belief Keepers and the old energetic
patterns holding you back. What are you holding on to that
is not supporting you?  We take you on a meditative
journey through the portal of this Magical Sextile anchoring
in the new.  Magic is truly in the air!!!

Embrace this harmoniously rare Grand Trine between 3
outer planets in Water signs – Saturn – Scorpio (structure
&  discipline), Jupiter – Cancer (expansion & vision),
Neptune – Pisces (spiritual and transcendence).
When Saturn moved into the trine position last week it
formed a triangle of water’s fluid energy to act as a conduit
for expansive consciousness.

As the Earth signs move into position creating the second
trine, Venus – Virgo (love & values) Moon – Taurus (emotion
& instincts), Pluto – Capricorn (transformation & power).

“I release, to know self and heal the core aspect of my being. 
I honor and liberate myself during this vibrational symphony.
I follow my heart to create the true nature of my desires”

 The Grand Sextile forms a 6 sided, crystalline grid around the
Earth with two interlocking triangles inside. This is the geometric
form of a Stargate formed around the planet Earth by the other planets
in the solar system. This is the opportunity for direct download
of galactic cosmic energy.

These 3 planets in Water signs and 3 planets in Earth
signs create the Grand Sextile.

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healing  support your body,mind and soul
|needs to assist  you through this cosmic portal
to transform your being and essence.


Replay only $17.17

Until August 5, 2013 – price goes up to $24.95

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With Gratitude!

Love and Blessings,

Share from attendees!

“WOW… what a great meditation!”
“Hi Dakara, I thought last night’s call was the best yet. I think I moved a lot of energy as I was yawning and felt very sleepy towards the end of the call. I went to bed right after the call ended and awoke this morning feeling the best in a long while. I am looking forward to the next new moon call.” Regards,
“DaKara, Thank you for an Beautiful meditation!”
“Greetings! DaKara I reluctantly signed for the Special manifesting class on July 29,2013, only due to funds. I am sooo glad I did .That I was crying and releasing and coming to grips with the past. This class affected me deeply. It spawned a dream the next morning that touch my SOUL and allowed me to ACCEPT….ME Thank You for having this special place. “ Sincerely,
Marie P.

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