Abundance Checks

Green "Paid In Full" Abundance Checks

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(1 check per page Green Spiral Background)

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(Green Spiral background)

Green Abundance Checks Without "Paid in Full"

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files.

Example in filling out your check

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files.

Purple Abundance Checks Without "Paid in Full"

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(1 check per page Purple Spiral Background)

Go Here to a link to a pdf to print 3 per page
(Purple Spiral Background)

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files.

Example in filling out your check

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files.

Magical Symbols

Zibu Symbols



Unlimited Abundance



You can order a custom Sigil or learn how to
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Wait.. there are no limits!
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95 thoughts on “Abundance Checks”

  1. Thank you for this! Where do you store the check after you’ve written it? Keep it near me, in my purse, tape it on a wall in a specific area? Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Gen
      You can place your New Moon Checks on an Altar or place
      in a safe place and forget about it. If you want to visually
      connect with your checks each day – place where
      you can see them. Remember to LET GO!
      The Universe will take it from there.
      (Get out of the HOW)

      Later (after 2 weeks or longer) you can burn
      (or tear it up and flush it down the toilet if fire is not an option)
      the check on one of the upcoming Full Moons, expressing Gratitude
      for receiving abundance in your life while the check is burning.

  2. I printed enough checks for every month and entered the new moon dates in my calendar. I Hope to do this faithfully every month. I am grateful to you for sharing this information and excited! Thank you!

    1. Fabulous Jann… be sure to add your name to the email list to receive the best times to write and rele4ase your checks for added empowerment!

  3. ezenwanne Chukwuma chidebere onyedikachukwu.

    pls madam am in Nigeria am 18yrs old…am interested in every stuff in dz website.. but I don’t have money… pls if u can write the magic check for me and make me rich ,powerful and intelligent… I swear with my life 2 serve the universal and announce u here in Nigeria…pls I wish u will appear 2 me so that we will talk…and enter into a covenant with u….thank u ma….

    1. Greetings Ezenwanne – Everyone is a powerful manifestor or has the capacity to be so. This power is already within you. Everyone needs to write their own checks each month for what they are wanting to bring into there lives. If you want to serve the Universe, give prayers each day. Write checks for all areas of your life that you want to change or improve. YOU have the power to do so, simply believe! Checks are written during the New Moon
      Checks are released during the Full Moon

  4. Hi Kara,

    I have a question regarding these cheques, I am owed money by a couple of people to the amount of $110,000 . these people have said they will pay be back but have not it’s been about 12 years for one and 5 years for another, i do not know where they are thus cannot find them. Can I use these cheques to regain the money owed me by say a lottery win?

    should i write small amount cheues or put the full amount of $110,000?

    I was thinking of putting a full amount cheque on my vision board and writng several smaller cheques. thoughts ?
    I am in need for this money as i have had to pay a huge tax debt and have been out of work for the past 3 years. i have done a course in massage therapy and am doing my best to find work. i have also registered a business for myself as a mobile massae therapist but it is slow.

    please help.



    1. Greetings Roberto… write a check to “Claim Money that is yours with Interest, this or something more”.
      Then allow the Universe to handle the details. My suggestion is to stay away from the amount, perhaps the Universe wants to
      reward you for being patient. Placing it on your Vision Board is a great idea, my suggestion is to keep it generic and about
      being open to receive the money that was loaded…

  5. Hi Kara,

    Thankyou for your reply.

    Do I put the “Claim Money that is mine with Interest, this or something more” in the pay in the order of …. part or the memo part of the “Infinate Universal Bank” ckeck?

    Do I write ” now” in the date area?

    I have been very patient but now I am desparate for it as i am struggling.
    I am also very open to recieving what is owed me.



    1. hi Roberto… place the statement on the Memo line… write NOW on the date line. Write details of Gratitude on the back of the check as if you have received the repayment… allow space (within your mind and heart) for the Universe to deliver the funds from any source… not just from the person(s) who owes you. LET GO OF THE OUTCOME… feeling desperate will not assist you in manifesting what you are wanting…

  6. Bless Kara,

    Thanks for you reply again.
    I have let go of the persons returning me the money already as i know that will not happen. I trust the UNIVERSE to provide what I need from other sources.

    I will have to wait for the next new noon in february as i missed this one.

    Bless and many thanks again for your wonderful advice.

  7. Thanks for the New Moon Check reminders, They are always an amazing journey! I have had so much abundance in so many surprising ways, that I am just in awe with gratitude. I have to say that there many blessings. So thanks for all the reminders and keeping things on schedule in such a beautiful way for me and my present, and future. Blessings to you DaKara as well.

  8. By the way Dakara….
    the checks have been magical! I may not have gotten rich in money, not yet at least lol. But the amount of abundance I receive has been nonstop. I am speechless. From dinner invites to receiving food from friends and gift cards, gifts, and just recently on thursday i received a text that my $1200 debt will be forgotten. Then on Friday i received a message that i won a contest! I entered every contest i can. I won tickets to nyc fashion week and giftcards for different vendors worth $500. Checks just show up in the mail and opportunities to make extra money just keep arriving. Last year i won a trip to california. And the list goes on. I am just blown away. I welcome all abundance and am grateful for everything that i receive and i truly believe that has a lot to do with it. Dont get me wrong i have alot of debt but i try to stay positive and open and i have a strong belief that everything will work out in time. I try to keep track of all the abundance i receive but i just cant keep up. I am starting a journal from this point on. It comes in soo many forms. Some months are slower but i guess the overwhelming months make up for it.


  9. Thank-you for the guidance you offer. I love receiving your newsletter and the reminders. I sometimes lose track of days so in essence you are kind of time grounding for me. I am blessed to have read the comments today as I was unaware of all the cheques could be used for, guess I had tunnel vision on financial abundance. This night I will utilize my new found knowledge and write one for healing. I know that I should not write a cheque of others but can I write one for healing of pets? Or have I misunderstood healing cheques? Bright Blessings DaKara.

  10. Hello DaKara,

    You mentioned that we have 24 to 48 hours to write out our new moon checks. New moon was on February 26th. It’s Febuary 28th. Can I still write out my check? Is the moon void of course?

    Thank you.


    1. hi Linda… the most ideal time is 24-48 hours… yes now is a good time to write checks. I just sent out an email sharing you have until Wednesday March 1, 2017 at 6:18 pm PST to finish writing checks… then the moon moves void of course again.

  11. Nancy Moffettone

    Hi question please the new moon is tomorrow at 7:57pm I believe, am I supposed to Wright my new moon check tomorrow night or Tuesday? Also I’m not sure if the new moon is in my sign is it okay if I don’t know

    1. hi Nancy… to receive the best timing for writing and releasing checks, please subscribe to the mailing list. You can write your check anytime on Tuesday this month.
      Re your sign question. I doesn’t matter if you know the sign or house the new moon is touching. Although, knowing does gives you more power in writing your checks.

  12. Mbiganyi Gaekgotswe

    If my country does not use dollar as currency can I use my country’s currency?

    1. Greetings Devasandhan… Please join my email list to receive best times for releasing and or writing checks each month. The Moon crests full today, but moves immediately Void of Course… wait until tmorrow (Thrusday May 11th) after 10 am Pacific Daylight Time to release your checks

  13. Valerie Hemming

    Hi, I’ve been writing my checks for about 4 years now and as soon as I started my life has changed for the better. I’m always spreading the word that abundance is available for everyone ..some people think I’m crazy, and others are intrigued. I do believe one must have a certain mindset. Negativity or desperation won’t help you. I have been very blessed ( love, financial) it is not just luck my friends, these checks can make an enormous difference in your life. I’m going to continue writing them for the rest of my life. Your website has some very valuable tips- thank you.

  14. AWESOME! I just found your website from a Podcast I downloaded from LOA Magazine. Your interview with Jewels was awesome! I have been writing NEW MOON WISHES for quite a bit. I’m feeling the need to try something new and different; however I already wrote down my 10 New Moon wishes! Say it ain’t sooooo! I don’t want to spread my energy too thin. Is it possible to also write a check? Thank you for your AWESOMENESS and for sharing your gifts.

    1. hi Erika! I say yes to writing one check along with the wishes… I do believe it is pushing the limit, but Wishes and checks have a slightly different energy to them.
      Normally on my monthly New Moon Manifesting call I share about writing 10 or less checks. On the call I offer healing and a aligned Meditation. I suggest listening to the healing part
      for each wish/check written – to support clearing any energies holding one back from manifesting that particular hearts desire.

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