Abundance Checks

Green "Paid In Full" Abundance Checks

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(1 check per page Green Spiral Background)

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Green Abundance Checks Without "Paid in Full"

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Example in filling out your check

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files.

Purple Abundance Checks Without "Paid in Full"

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(1 check per page Purple Spiral Background)

Go Here to a link to a pdf to print 3 per page
(Purple Spiral Background)

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files.

Example in filling out your check

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files.

Magical Symbols

Zibu Symbols



Unlimited Abundance



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95 thoughts on “Abundance Checks”

  1. Carolynn Robinson

    Hi, As i’m from Melbourne Australia what will be the times for me to write a cheque – Thanking you Carol

    1. hi Carolyn… please sign up on the mailing list to receive timing… there is a time converting link on the website and I include in the emails sent out. once you determine how many house ahead of Pacific Time you are you can easily convert the times for writing and releasing your checks.

  2. Thank you for providing this information! I have read it before and slipped out of the practice. Blessings to you and everyone else. <3 Namaste

  3. I wrote out my check for this month…but I wrote all my wants on the back of the check instead of making separate checks. Is this okay? I’ve been writing out abundance checks for nearly 2 years.

    1. hi Kimba… watch and observe how things show up in your life. If what your are wanting is similar, writing one check may support manifesting your desires… if the items are extremely different, I would write individual checks, so not to confuse the energies you are sending out via the check(s)

  4. Hello, DaKara.

    Thank you very much for the abundance checks, along with your guidance and suggestions. They have really helped me. I’ve been writing checks for a couple of years now. I have written them in general terms of abundance and never for anything specifically. I didn’t recall that you could write out several checks each new moon. That’s awesome to know.

    I learned a lot from the comments too. I especially liked the space clearing suggestions. I have done saging, but never thought of things like clapping, etc.

    Speaking of space clearing, I recently came upon a similar type of clearing for not only one’s home, but especially for one’s self, environment, as well as from the effects of others and the effects from ourselves. If anyone’s interested in checking it out, author Jean Haner has a new book out called, “Clear Home, Clear Heart.”. I would recommend checking out her YouTube videos first. She has about four webinars on the subject. That would be a good way to find out if this type of clearing resonates with oneself.

    Thanks, again.


  5. I have been writing checks only 1 per new moon for 4 months. I need out of debt. My husband’s pest Control business has grown starting at 4% then 10% and this month 15% we are blown away. It works!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing how using New Moon Manifesting Checks has helped your business grow! I appreciate all shares, as it encourages other to give it a try!
      Only great things to gain! 🙂 Blessings

  6. Owen (Larry) Lamyman

    Hi, Where is the best place to keep the cheques after you have written them? Thanks Larry

    1. hi Larry… I suggest creating a small altar for your checks (sacred space with a crystal, candle etc) or you can use your sock drawer, wallet, or where ever your heart calls. Keep it simply or make it what ever feels right for you. I like keeping mine in a special spot (Altar) each month and then release then at the new full moon or an upcoming full moon.

  7. These are amazing! Please add me to your newsletter distribution list. Thank you in advance.

    1. Greetings Cheri… we have added your info to the form. Please click on the “Confirm” link in the email you will receive to be added to the list 🙂

  8. Dearest Dakara,

    Heartfelt thanks to you.

    I have attended the last 2 new moon calls and I
    wanted to say “THANK YOU”. Listening to those calls, I was able
    to release many fears surrounding money and other blockages.

    Thanks to your wonderful healing energy and your new moon checks,
    my husband and I, won the grand prize of $5000.00 this weekend at an event.

    I am so grateful to the Universe and to you, Dakara for this
    wonderful blessing. Your gift of healing and helping is truly amazing.

    God Bless you.

    from: Montreal, Canada

    1. Thank you so much Irene! So happy you manifested $5000 and shared
      your boon, so others will know what is possible!

  9. Dakara, Soooo I wrote my checks out when you emailed me to do them last time on one of them I wrote it for $600 or something more like the direction said put. “THIS OR SOMETHING MORE on the memo line
    I did that. Soo yesterday (September 5 ) I received a check in the mail for $1,295.00, it was unexpected and it says it was from Some Law Firm stating I received it because I was charged some illegally charge upfront fees from some debt relief company awhile ago and the firm was representing everybody who was charged because the company was a fraud and ended up filing bankruptcy or something like that. I’m so grateful!! So glad I was told about you and your website early this year. 😉

  10. HI <3 I took your advice, grant it, it was for someone else BUT we're all family here… LOL it worked for me too. I wrote a check for "CLAIM MONEY THAT IS OWED TO ME" for the Virgo New Moon (my Rising Sign) and 3 weeks later I received a check for $526 for a lawsuit brought up against a loan company I used back in 2011. So random! HAD TO SHARE!!! Happy New Moon <3

  11. OOPS!!! I got so caught up in work that I forgot about the “Void Off Course” and wrote my checks Do I just rip those up and write new ones today?

    1. hi Erika… yes.. Actually, write the new checks now, since we are in an optimal time.
      Then hold the previous checks in one hand and the new checks in the other. Feel the difference between the two. Then release the checks written during the Void of Course.

  12. Well I found your page months ago during the fall. I starting to do my abundance checks. Just like you said, you don’t to believe it to works, it just happens. I purchase my first car (thanks to my mother) last February. My last payment would of been this fall. So I figure that I’ll have it paid off by this summer, by continuing to do the payments after planning on using my federal taxes. From day forward, a lot was going on with my car, from the engine light being on, car being vandalize twice with police report (I believe it was my ex boyfriend, long story on him) and etc. On my abundance checks I written one to pay off my car in full and the other to have some funds. Eleven days before Christmas, I was involved in a car accident. I was heading to work on a different route, traffic ahead of me slow down and I followed along. Next thing I know I was hit from behind! Thought I am in pain from my head down to my feel, I am thankful to be alive. I made sure that I said my prayers every time I got in my car. The car was totaled and by this week, it’ll be paid in full (I am going through the other insurance.) I had around $2800.00 to pay off. They send the remaining amount of $256.79 and they already sent me a check earlier for lost wages for around $900.00 I didn’t like how all off this happen but in a way it work out.

  13. Hi there!

    I had just finished writing my New Moon Abundance Cheque (tonight, February 14) and Im just realizing that the New Moon is actually tmrw!

    I wrote everything in pencil. I’m wondering if I can just write tmrw’s date instead? Or would I have to re-writr the whole cheque? :O

    Looking forward to a response. 🙂

    1. hi Kay… best to re-write the check(s). For the best support, timing is key 🙂
      You can re write your check anytime today (Friday Feb 16th)

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